Monday, October 31, 2011

You Know You're a Foodie IF....

  1. You auto-tune your favorite food shows
  2. EVERY conversation you engage in ALWAYS evolves into FOOD
  3. You want to read MENUS instead of news
  4. You plan dinner the minute you wake up (after coffee, of course).
  5. You tune into your Twitter account or FB page first thing in the morning to see if anyone has posted links to new recipes.
  6. You take three weeks to plan a dinner party for your 5 casual friends and you write out a time schedule for that dinner party
  7. You buy Saffron just BECAUSE it looks GOOD in your spice cabinet (you have no clue YET what to do with it, but by gollie - it's going to be in your kitchen!)
  8. You gravitate to the kitchen gaget aisle and justify purchasing the latest and greatest gizmo.
  9. Your iPad and iPhone have every conceivable app for recipes
  10.  Your default browser is FoodNetwork

I did not choose to be a Foodie... I am sure I was born this way.  While I try to maintain normalcy, it's really difficult sometimes to be around my non-foodie friends. I am so very grateful for the community of Tweeples and #FoodieChat that make me feel NORMAL.

Happy Eating!


  1. Definitely guilty of #2!

    You can use the saffron in our Kulfi recipe:

  2. LOL...The only one I'm not guilty of is #7...nothing is for show when it comes to the items in my pantry! It ALL gets used for cooking! Great blog! I'm adding myself to your 'followers' list! And thank you for stopping by mine! =)